Brian’s Poetry Corner: The Clock

Think of all the time
we’ve wasted in
our lives;

On things that have no
Meaning at all;

And yelling at each other
til one brakes downs and cries;

It’s time we check the
clock upon the wall.

To spend one moment
away from you is more
than I can bear;

Though my actions
say differently;

As I pick up on things
that aren’t really there;

I wish it could
just be me.

I know it’s insecurity
that makes me
act this way;

But I can’t let
anyone know;

So, I put on this act,
this sorrid play;

Then none of my
weaknesses show.

How you find it in
your heart to care so
much for me;

This comes as
quite a shock;

And, I promise I’ll
love you for all the
world to see
before time runs out
on the clock!!


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