COVID-19 Protocols at Mission Pines

COVID-19 Infection Prevention Protocols
At Mission Pines, we have implemented strict and thorough COVID-19 prevention protocols to keep our residents and employees safe so they can feel confident in receiving or delivering care. We have spared no expense in working to ensure the safety and well-being of those we serve. We are COMMITTED to the safety of your loved one!

Activity Enhancement with the Use of Tablets
Increased isolation and separation from others can be a major contributing factor in depression and decreased clinical outcomes. We have implemented tablets as a major piece of our activities platform. This helps our residents to be fulfilled and engaged, all while staying safe.
COVID Unit Corridors and Installation of Barrier Walls
COVID-positive residents are moved to a dedicated COVID wing to ensure their safety, and that of their neighbors. Per state and CDC guidelines, plastic barrier walls are erected to physically separate the COVID wing from the rest of the building. Furthermore, if our facility does require a COVID wing, we assign dedicated staff to work it, so there is no cross contamination between wings. Our staff members who work in the COVID wing are provided with ample PPE (personal protective equipment) above and beyond that which is recommended by state and CDC guidelines.
Effective Hand Washing Technique Training
Have you ever noticed the difference between the way a surgeon washes his/her hands, and a small child does? Although it sounds easy, proper hand washing is a skill that needs to be trained, observed, and verified. We have implemented research-backed techniques to ensure optimal cleanliness and removal of pathogens.
Heightened Disinfection Techniques Including Hydrogen Peroxide Electrostatic Spraying
We know COVID-19 and other pathogens are spread through tiny droplets in the air. Hand washing, social distancing, and physical barriers all play a great role in helping to mitigating the spread of infection, but we’ve also implemented heightened disinfection techniques, including Hydrogen Peroxide Electrostatic Spraying.
Infection Prevention Nurse Position Created with Specialized Credentialing and Training
We have hired a specialized, credentialed expert nurse whose focus is to reduce infection in our building and train our staff to ensure they follow protocols and guidelines. We’re not required to do this, but we feel it’s important to do everything we can to keep our people safe.
Installation of Mobile Hand Washing Sinks for Staff and Visitors
We know that one of the primary ways COVID-19 and other pathogens are spread is by physical contact. It’s one of the reason why washing hands is so incredibly important. For that reason, we’ve installed mobile hand washing sinks throughout our facility for staff and visitors alike. We’ve also taken time to train our staff on proper hand-washing techniques and we continuously reinforce its importance.
Monoclonal Antibody Therapy for COVID-Positive Patients
We also offer Monoclonal Antibody Therapy for COVID positive patients who are experiences mild to moderate symptoms and are at high-risk for severe symptoms and hospitalization. The therapies are authorized for emergency use by the FDA, and include bamlanivimab (Eli Lilly) and the combination of casirivimab & imdevimab (Regeneron).
Outdoors Triage Stations
We’ve set up a fully stocked outdoor triage station to screen visitors and employees before they come in the building. This comes with the added benefit of ensuring no one with signs or symptoms of COVID-19 enter the building. We also stock PPE (personal protective equipment), masks, and hand sanitizer to ensure the safety of residents, visitors, and employees.
Installation of Plexiglass Dividers for Indoor and Outdoor Visitation
We know that our residents are happier, have better outcomes, and heal faster when they are able to interact and spend time with the family they love. We also know this is a time of compromise – balancing resident safety with the need to visit with family and live fulfilling lives. That’s why we’ve implemented plexiglass dividers for indoor and outdoor visitation. By maintaining social distancing and implementing transparent physical barriers we have provided a safe, warm environment where our residents can interact with their loved ones and live life to the fullest.
Expanded Use of Telehealth Services
We know part of preventing COVID-19 infections is preventing physical contact, it’s one of the reasons why Telehealth visits with care providers have exploded in popularity and use over the last year. We’ve implemented a full digital care plan to help make this new technology as seamless and easy as possible for our residents. We help with appointment scheduling, setting up devices, and making sure everything goes off without a hitch.
COVID-19 Vaccines Offered for Staff and Residents
We are committed to the safety of your loved one! All residents and employees of our facility are offered the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. This vaccine has been demonstrated to be 95% effective against COVID-19.
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