Letter from the Administrator

I am very excited about the regulatory updates in reference to COVID-19. On April 27, 2021 CMS and CDC issued an updated guidance on testing, visitation, and activities. The new changes are residents and visitors may visit without distancing and masks if alone in the residents room and the resident and visitor are fully vaccinated, and communal dining and activities may occur without physical distancing if all residents are vaccinated. It also stated that vaccinated health care personnel no longer need to undergo routine testing, but should continue to be tested after exposure, during an outbreak, or if experiencing symptoms. All visits still have to be monitored to ensure the infection control measures are followed. The timeframe of the visits are still 30 minutes to ensure everyone has the opportunity to get a visit. The COVID-19 Vaccination has greatly decreased the spread of the virus. We encourage our staff, residents, and family members to please take advantage of the free vaccination. For information, education, free testing sites, and scheduling of vaccination appointments please go to Also, to get an update on our COVID -19 status please call 1-725-600-6344.

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