Our therapy team can provide services for both long-term residents and short-term rehab to home. We can perform a home evaluation prior to the patients discharge to ensure all goals have been attained for the safest return home.

  • Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy
    • Physical: Physical Therapists work to restore mobility and promote independence. The goal is to move the patient toward greater independence and mobility, either unassisted or with assist devices. The licensed physical therapists focus on improvement, coordination, balance, strength and endurance.
    • Occupational: Occupational Therapists use goal-directed activity to help restore, maintain and improve daily living skills. The goal is to assess personal self-care and daily living skills and to provide modified techniques and/or adaptive devices, as necessary, to assist patients achieve the skills needed in activities of daily living.
    • Speech: Speech-Language Pathologists focus on improvements in swallowing, hearing, speech, and language proficiency. The goal is to assess and provide treatment for individuals with disorders of speech, language, swallowing, communication and/or feeding programs to help the patient recover lost skills or develop new ones.