Success Story

The activities department would like to highlight “Ms. Deb “. The activities team was surprised when she told us that she was only able to read some short sentences and had been deciphering through long documents hoping she got the gist of what was there since she was a young lady. Ms. Deb then expressed that she would like to learn how to read. Activity assistant Lena took on the task and began teaching Ms. Deb her vowels, shortly after Lena began to teach and have Ms. Deb repeat sight words, they began to meet 4 times a week for around thirty minutes. The First week Ms. Deb was able to read and spell 3 sight words and recite her vowels. By the third week Ms. Deb was able to spell 27 words without looking at the sight cards. Ms. Deb was eager to read so Lena brought in a book that was sixth grade level. We are all happy to say that Ms. Deb is slowly but surely getting through the book. Congratulations Ms. Deb

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